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So sometimes I draw things. They're mostly just character design sheets, but if you'd like to request a sketch of your character as they appear in Asphodel, please leave a comment here!

I make no commitments re: timeliness, as I do work full-time IRL. However, when I draw I tend to blitz a bunch of pieces at once, so you will get your stuff, I promise!

Masterlist - Completed Works
Elementary school uniform (female)
Elementary school uniform (male)
Middle school uniform (female)
Middle school uniform (male)
High school uniform (female)
High school uniform (male)
Middle school swim team (female)
Inoue, Nanase (school uniform), Faruq, & Shiki (portrait)
Yuki & Kotori (school uniform)
Shun & Sophia (school uniform)
Yuki & Inoue (portrait)
Scarlett & Marie (work/school uniform)
Scarlett & Marie (portrait)
Marie (icon bases 1)
Marie (icon bases 2)
Marie (icon bases 3)

Pencil Sketches
Yuki & Kotori (angst/singing)
Shiki et al
Full cast sketchdump
Yuki & Kotori (bedtime)

In Progress
Scarlett (icon bases)
Marie & Scarlett (embracing)

Request Queue

Last updated: 12/02/12
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Piece Regains: Shirabe Kotori {{Amou Kanade}}
Number Item Location Link Effects
First Relic pendant n/a [link] Sense of "wrongness" about Asphodel.
Second Wagner score n/a [link] Canon personality begins resurfacing. Momentary visons of former life.
Third LiNKER pills n/a [link] Cognizance of Asphodel's quirks - time passage, NPCs, that pieces are "hers".
Fourth Zwei Wing glowstick n/a [link] Vague awareness of castmates. Can see the sign on Inoue's door.
Fifth Bluish-white bird n/a [link] Full recognition of castmates. Flashes of memory in disconnected chunks.
Sixth Karaoke cassette n/a [link] Memory of "special" abilities - Symphogear, Division 2.
Seventh Lump of carbon n/a [link] Full recovery, incl. death.
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So Kanade has 20 minutes of screentime, total, and about half of that is through hallucinations instead of events that actually happened. Trivia & extra scenes in the manga flesh out her history, but the Symphogear wiki doesn't cover any of this material.

That's where this post comes in, as well as highlighting the changes between Kanade's canon personality and "Kotori's" demeanor in Asphodel. Basically, where canon!Kanade got a chance to overcome the curveballs life threw her way, Kotori hasn't been quite that lucky yet.

We'll see how things progress.

Canon History )

Asphodel AU )

Daily Life )
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{{Amou Kanade}}

Status: Student, part-time worker at B-to-Z Models
Age: 17
Personal Curse: Lone survivor of a carjacking four years ago; her family's murders remain unsolved. Also receives regular treatment for unspecified medical issues.
Frayed Ties: Lives in the same orphanage/state ward home as Tsukishima Yuki. Works in Inoue's shop, but remains ignorant of his actual role.

Background: Senki Zesshou Symphogear wiki, OU (more info)
Death: Same as canon.
Bonds: Kazanari Tsubasa; Kazanari Genjuurou & Sakurai Ryoko; Tachibana Hibiki
Pieces: Relic fragment pendant; score for Wagner's "Flight of the Valkyries"; case of "LiNKER" pills; glow stick labeled "Zwei Wing"; bluish-white bird with a broken wing; karaoke cassette tape containing these three songs; lump of carbon.
Played by Fetchie | [personal profile] made_in_wonder
Contact: [plurk.com profile] fetchie88, fetchie88 @ aim


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